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Do you need to reach international audiences?

Take advantage of communication across multiple languages as an essential tool for relationship building, and financial success!


Your multilingual event

Whether you are holding an on-site conference or a remote webinar, recruiting interpreters and deciding on the interpreting equipment and virtual platform you will need to communicate an international audience can be a daunting prospect if you are unfamiliar with multilingual events. Therefore, planning ahead with us will ensure that your participants can speak freely in their own languages and make themselves understood with the help of our professional interpreters and translators. Additionally, you can have your welcome packages, bios and presentations translated real-time into all languages spoken at the event, to either put them on multiple screens alongside the English version or include them on a CD for your attendees' review once they are back home. We can customize services and equipment to fit any budget, from professional to creative, you can count on us! 

How interpreting adds value

Professional interpreters are masters of their craft and the best guarantee of success when people from different cultures come together. Consequently, interpreters become your voice so that others can hear you and you can hear others. We specialize in real-time, simultaneous interpretation and translation. Find out more, give us a call... we got your back!

Reach international markets

Take your company to the global level! Use interpreting as a bridge to connect with other communities and cultures. Conference interpreting is key for international events like conferences and seminars; remote multilingual communication like webinars; on-site broadcasting like TV and radio; site visits like factories, installations and establishments; market research like focus groups, and any other medium where you may need to communicate with a multicultural audience. Simultaneous interpreting and real-time translation enable you to break language and cultural barriers to reach new thriving markets, build relationships with foreign governments, communicate citizens in your community, get humanitarian assistance to populations in need, create digital market content, provide international reports to your industry... whatever your communication need, we are here to help! Let's get started, tell us more about you: [email protected] 

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

Spanish Solutions offers safe alternatives to on-site interpreting in response to the CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) situation. Prepare now by setting your account for OPI (Over-the-Phone Interpreting) or VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) to ensure no one is left without an interpreter. Remote OPI and VRI are safe solutions and can provide the same exceptional service without putting people at risk. It is safe for the Limited English Proficient Speaker (LEP), for the Interpreter and the Customer.